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The Biodynamic Association


The Cultured Cellar Raw Cultured Vegetables and Fermented Foods sourced from Organic and Biodynamic Farms


Hodmedod Organic British Beans, Peas and Quinoa


Hook and Son Raw Dairy Products delivered to your door


Plawhatch Farm Biodynamic Dairy Products, Fruit, Vegetables and Wool


Tablehurst Farm Biodynamic Meat and Seasonal Vegetables


Natural Immunity


The Informed Parent Vaccination Information


Arnica UK Parents’ Natural Health Support Network


Skin Care


AlgAran Organic Irish Seaweed Products for Health and Beauty


Crystal Spring Natural Deodorants


Humble Brush Eco Friendly Toothbrushes


Materia Aromatica Organic Essential Oils and Skincare


Organic Essence Organic Skincare


Pure and Light Organic Skincare


Nutrition and Light is a Zephorium Stockist


Zephorium is a luxury range of natural skincare and lifestyle products for mind, body and soul.  Each bottle posses a powerful combination of natural and organic ingredients, aromatherapy blends, colour, homeopathic crystals and affirmations that all complement the chakras.




Better You Transdermal Magnesium


Foresight – Preconceptual Care


Naturalmat Organic Mattresses and Beds with Fire Retardant Free Option


UK Reiki Federation




Cas Ferrer de sa Font Restaurant Ciutadella de Menorca – Cocina tradicional y ecologico


La Cuina Dels Angels – La cocina tradicional de la zona con la opción libre de gluten


Fruits Andreu, Pl. Claustre del Carmen, Mao – frutas y verduras orgánicos y locales


Pastissería I Gelat Ca’n Sintes, Carrer de Ferreries 24, Alaior –  Helado Artesanal


Veritas – Productos con certification ecologica

Plaça Claustre del Carme, 48, Mercat del Claustre, Maó,


Hand harvested pure Flor de Sal sea salt


Ecologisme Responsable


Thank You to Cristina at Rosita and the Sherry Bar and to Marc Jesus for allowing me to use the painting on publicity materials for the Workshops.


Marc Jesus


Rosita and the Sherry Bar