Natural Nutrition

What is Natural Nutrition?

Published diets claiming to promote good health are many and varied. Their approaches often differ so widely that they confuse rather than clarify what we should and should not be eating. The healthiest diet is not one produced for a mass market, but one designed to meet a single individual’s needs.

  • It is an holistic therapy that is rooted in many centuries of understanding the art of healing using dietary therapy and naturopathic techniques. Naturopathic Nutritionists recognize the need for reducing toxin exposure, cleansing the body of residual toxins and repairing damage caused.
  • Working in three stages, Natural Nutrition offers a unique and holistic approach to health. It looks at our body’s responses to natural rhythms and cycles at a cellular level. It is about giving us back control of our own health and provides the tools, knowledge and inspiration to support, rather than suppress, the bodies own healing mechanisms.
  • Rather than treating areas or symptoms in isolation, Natural Nutrition treats the individual in the context of their dietary history, environment and inherited predispositions allowing a gentle detoxification of the body, creating the space for change and healing to occur.

The Consultation

During the consultation a detailed case history is taken in order to recognise any established or developing patterns and to understand your current health picture.  You will be asked questions about your health past and present, the health of your family, your diet and any physical, emotional or environmental stresses.

We will identify foods that present a challenge or stress to the system and foods that are more appropriately matched to the individual. By monitoring the rate and type of response to the changes being made, we bring the body to a place where it is nourished, not overwhelmed, by the nutrients we give it.

After the Consultation

You will be given a personalised programme of dietary recommendations, naturopathic techniques and lifestyle changes to reduce stress and support the body’s routes of elimination.  We would usually book a 6 week and then a 12 week follow up appointment when some supplements may be recommended as appropriate.

Why Consult a Naturopathic Nutritionist?

Nutrition influences physical, emotional and mental well being.  Some foods will enhance this and others can have a detrimental effect.  Anyone can tinker with the diet to make immediate short-term health improvements.  Such gains are welcome, but they do not treat the underlying causes or prevent disease.  Naturopathic Nutrition uses foods, detoxification programmes and lifestyle changes to eliminate toxins, thus stimulating the body’s own natural self-healing ability for long term health.  Naturopathic Nutritional therapists passionately believe in this focus on a long-term holistic approach rather than simplistic symptom management.

Some conditions that Natural Nutrition can help with :

  • Anxiety
  • Candidiasis
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Constipation
  • Cystitis
  • Digestion
  • Fatigue
  • Fertility
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Muscular Skeletal problems
  • Menstrual problems
  • Natural Weight Loss (no calorie counting)
  • Pre and Post conceptual care
  • Skin problems

Client Testimonials


‘Leo is extremely professional giving reassurance and sound advice.  Her nutrition assessment was specific and sensitive and the plan she designed gave relief from IBS in a way I never thought possible.’
Joyce J, Teacher


‘Leo’s careful and thoughtful history taking and holistic consideration of my issue, helped put my symptoms in perspective. Together we began to make sense of my story and all the aspects that contributed to my current state of ill health. She worked closely with me to design a programme of dietary changes and therapeutic techniques that I could commit to and incorporate into my life. Leo’s treatment was key to my taking responsibility for my health and she provided practical information and support on how to do this. My son has seen her, my colleagues have seen her. If you have a chronic health problem, she can help you turn it around.’
LS, Psychotherapist

Familial Hypercholesterolaemia

‘Just thought I’d let you know that I got the results today, my total cholesterol is now 6.5 mmol/L (it was 7.5). LDL is now 4.2 (was 5.1) and my HDL is 1.9 (was 2). The cholesterol/HDL ratio is now 3.4 (was 3.8).  So the cholesterol has gone down after doing the Natural Nutrition for only 4 weeks!   Thank you for the program, it appears to have worked!’
Jo L, Jewelry Designer

Dietary Support

‘Leo really helped me to understand my diet and what my body needed.  She also picked up some very important nutritional deficiencies and helped me to deal with them. I think everyone would benefit from seeing Leo!’
Georgina S, Sustainability Consultant


‘Having dealt for a number of years with depression and anxiety, Leo’s work with Natural Nutrition brought clarity and gave me positive and practical steps towards attaining balance’
Dan G, Actor

Low Energy

‘I found working with Leo very beneficial.  Her suggestions on diet and lifestyle were easy to follow and also very pleasant.  After only a month I find significant difference in my energy level and my ability to focus, to work and to exercise.’
Katerina R, Chemistry tutor and PhD student

Diverticular Disease

‘Leo is an excellent health professional, she has a wonderfully reassuring manner, great wealth of knowledge and has designed a program that is successfully managing my diverticular disease enabling me to continue running my company.  This lovely lady comes highly recommended.’
Karen H, Director, Family Wellbeing Centre

Menopausal Symptoms

‘After sticking to the program and using the techniques I finally feel as though I’m back to my old self again with fewer symptoms and much better energy levels.’
Elizabeth J, Special Education Teacher

Painful Knees

‘Having had severe knee pain for several months/years I was amazed that after just 5 weeks of using Castor Oil packing the pain went completely.  It came back less severely just over a year later.  I used the Castor oil packs again for several weeks since then the pain has not returned.’
Janet C, Classroom Assistant


‘We had been trying to conceive for 2 years but struggled due to my PCOS. I had used several rounds of fertility medication to try and induce ovulation with no success.  After just 10 months, the Natural Nutrition program had helped me get my body back to health so that I could ovulate naturally.  We now have a healthy baby girl!’
Rebecca K, Marketing Coordinator


‘I’m so glad that I’m really feeling better now.  My belly isn’t swelling and I’m not burping anymore.  Thank you for helping me.’
Nadia B

Comprehensive Stool Testing

Following the Natural Nutrition program has given me a remarkable improvement in what were quite severe IBS symptoms. To discover the high levels of the Pseudomonas Aeruginosa bacteria was quite a shock, but reassuring to know that we can successfully treat this naturopathically.  Thanks, Leo for your understanding and kind support throughout this whole process.  Mary W, Teacher

Acid Reflux

‘It’s fantastic – since working with your program the acid reflux has completely gone!  Thank you!’  
John R, IT Consultant