Privacy Policy

Nutrition and Light keep paper records of your name, date of birth, postal address, your GP’s address, contact details and details of any health condition you present with and medical histories, records of treatments. Your records are kept safely in a locked cabinet. Your data may be retained for a period of time such as complies with professional, legal and insurance requirements.

Nutrition and Light stores no details in electronic format about individuals, other than names and email addresses, where those details have been supplied willingly by clients and by others who have expressed an interest in the therapies and workshops offered by Nutrition and Light. Nutritional programs and updates are kept electronically but no full names are used in these records.

No contact names or addresses have been gathered from third parties. Nutrition and Light will never share your data with any individuals or organizations, electronically or otherwise, without your explicit informed consent.

If you have given your email address this will this will only be used to communicate with you about appointments and about your ongoing treatment. It is also used to contact others on the mailing list with details of upcoming workshops and occasional updates to the therapies offered or. Any email exchanges between us are on a secure server.

Any person who wishes their details to be removed from the contact list, should contact Nutrition and Light by email with the message ‘REMOVE’.