Improve your Digestion

Improve your digestion for better health

Do you ever experience digestive problems such as constipation, bloating, gas, IBS symptoms, low energy levels, or food sensitivities?

In this informative and practical workshop we will take a look at what you can do to strengthen your digestion and improve absorption of the nutrients from the foods you eat, leading to better health and vitality.

You will learn about:

  • Foods that can heal the gut
  • Foods that may be best avoided
  • Preparation of foods to make them more easily digestible
  • How to rebalance gut bacteria
  • How the mind affects your digestion
  • Lifestyle changes, techniques and exercises that support optimum digestion


‘Well done. This was a really interesting workshop.  Many helpful and practical suggestions on how to deal with constipation many of which I had not heard before’.   Florence G, Exam Invigilator

‘The workshop offered very thorough, clear and helpful advice in a gentle and caring environment.  Comprehensive notes and resources were provided to take home. I would very much recommend this workshop’  Nicky H, Horticultural Manager

Me and my husband loved your workshop’  Zainab, O

‘Really enjoyed your workshop this evening – nice balance of listening and activities’   Ann S, Retired Teacher

‘We all found the workshop on digestion invaluable – Leo’s obvious depth of knowledge was fascinating. We learnt so much about how important the digestive process is and how improving digestion can help everyone live a healthier life’    Sarah, Ronald Ross Primary School

‘I found the workshop very clear, with easy to follow tips on helping digestion’   Anne-Marie, Translator

‘Leo came to our school to run a workshop ‘Improve your Digestion for Better Health’.  All the parents who attended were interested in improving their health especially as it was centred around the digestive system, eating habits and their general well-being. Parents were able to ask questions afterwards and sample a delicious tea. It was a real success. Thank you Leo!’   Carole G, Parent Champion